From:                                         Ben Croswell

Sent:                                           Monday, November 07, 2011 10:32 AM

To:                                               Katy Simmons

Subject:                                     ONLINE ELECTION RECORDS


The person entering this info needs to follow the correct order.

If the correct order is not followed, the search can get confusing.


Candidates Name:

Last, First


    Year:  (What year)

ie.      2008,         2010,     2011


         Type:     These are the only three Types we use that I know of.

                                Campaign Contribution & Expenditure

                                Statements of Financial Interest

                                Carryover Fund


             Office (or Position):

                                Some Examples:               Central Arkansas Water

                                                                                Constable-Hill Township

                                                                                JOP 14

                                                                                Pulaski Circuit & County Clerk

                                                                                Pulaski County Judge


                   Name of file:

                                                Jeremy Stogner_SFI_8.31.06.pdf

                                                Larry Crane_CCE_5.10.10.pdf

                                                Floyd Buddy Villines_SFI_1.27.10.pdf

                                                Rick Scott_SFI_1.28.11




     Name         Year                           Type                                                     Office or Position                          Name of File

Crane, Larry\2010\Campaign Contribution & Expenditure\Pulaski Circuit & County Clerk\ Larry Crane_CCE_5.10.10.pdf

Villines, Floyd Buddy\2011\Statements of Financial Interest           \ Pulaski County Judge                \ Floyd Buddy Villines_SFI_1.27.10.pdf

Villines, Floyd Buddy\2011\Carryover Fund                            \ Pulaski County Judge               \ Floyd Buddy Villines_Carryover_10.13.11.pdf




First Create The  Name Folder

Then Create The  Year Folder

Then Create The  Type Folder

Then Create The  Office or Position Folder

Last Create The  File




Ben Croswell